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Solar First Showcased Full-scenario Solutions at SNEC 2024


On June 13th, the 17th (2024) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition (Shanghai) were held in National and Convention Center (Shanghai). Solar First carries the latest technology, products and solutions in the field of new energy at Booth E660 in Hall 1.1H. Solar First is the manufacturer and provider on BIPV system, solar tracker system, solar floating system and solar flexible system. Solar First is also a national high-tech enterprise, specialized enterprise, scientific and technological giants, Xiamen industrial enterprises above designated size, Xiamen Trustworthy and Credible Enterprise, tax credit class A enterprise, and a listed reserve enterprise in Fujian province. Up to now, Solar First has obtained the IS09001/14001/45001 certification, 6 invention patents, more than 60 utility model patents, 2 software Copyright, and has rich experience in the design and manufacturing of renewable energy products.

Solar Floating System Attracts more attention

In recent years, as arable land, forest land and other land resources become more and more scarce and tense, the solar floating system began to be able to vigorously develop. Solar floating power station refers to the photovoltaic power station constructed on lakes, fish ponds, dams, bars, etc. which can effectively alleviate the shackles of tight land resources on the development of the photovoltaic industry and make use of water to cool the photovoltaic modules to bring a higher power generation capacity. Considering this situation, Solar First laid out early, built the mature product line, and launched several excellent products. After many years of R&D, the solar floating system have been iterated to the third generation -TGW03, which is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) floater and environmentally friendly and easy to be recycled. The floating system adopt modular structural design, choose a variety of rows of structures, the anchor cables are connected to the anchor blocks through prefabricated buckles which are easy to be dismantled, facilitating the installation, transportation, and post-maintenance. The solar floating system has passed all domestic and international testing standards which can be reliable to run for more than 25 years.

Solar Feasible Mounting Structure meet the needs of full-scenario application

In some special scenarios, span and height limitations have always been a challenge to hinder the construction of PV power plants. Against this background, Solar First flexible mounting system solutions were born in response to the situation. "Pastoral light supplementation, fishing light supplementation, agricultural light supplementation, barren mountain treatment and wastewater treatment” attract lots of industry gurus, experts and scholars, media journalists, science and technology bloggers and industry counterparts to stop by and visit Solar First. Based on this,Solar First has conducted in-depth communication with global partners and customers, provided customized solutions to business partners according to their characteristics in order to promote business cooperation to a new level and built a solid foundation for future partnership.

Continuous innovation, creating a highly reliable one-step energy storage solution

In the wave of green energy revolution, Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) technology, with its unique advantages, is gradually becoming an important force to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry. In this exhibition, Solar First focus on photovoltaic curtain walls, industrial waterproof roofs, household energy storage inverters, industrial and commercial energy storage inverters, energy storage batteries and solutions to provide safe, stable and efficient one-stop industry solutions for the construction of smart PV parks, to help energy storage systems operate efficiently, and contribute to building a green and sustainable energy future.

Precise efficiency improvement, leading the tracking bracket to a smart future

Under the background of the dual-carbon target, the development and construction of large scale lighting bases in deserts, the Gobi, and the desert regions is the top priority of new energy development in the 14th Five-Year Plan. On the exhibition, the photovoltaic tracking stand and “desert management +pastoral complementary solutions” have been praised by global customers and industry peers. Through technological innovation, focusing on cost reduction and efficiency, Solar First will continue to promote product optimization and upgrading, and provide global customers with new solutions for photovoltaic mounting systems.

SNEC 2024 has ended perfectly, Solar First carries a variety of star products, with superior product power and professionalism to win the support of many overseas major customers on the platform. As one of the leaders in high-tech research and development, production of export-oriented enterprises, Solar First’s innovation is always on the way, at the same time, we are happy to share our technology with peers in the industry. Solar First has never been afraid of being imitated, on the contrary, we think the imitation is the biggest affirmation to us. Next year, Solar First will still bring the new products and new technologies to SNEC exhibition. Let's meet SNEC in 2025 and deliver the concept of "New energy, New World" to more people.

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